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GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test)

The GMAT stands for Graduate Management Admission Test. It is Administered by Graduate Management Admission Council ( GMAC) and required for admission to most U.S, Canadian and European Business school MBA programs. Nearly 900 management Institutes all over the world (almost all of them in the US) require GMAT scores from each applicant for admission to the MBA program. It is a computer adaptive test in mathematics and English for checking the candidate aptitude and analytical abilities. The exam Measures verbal, mathematical, and analytical Writing Skills that the Examinees has Developed over a long period of time in his/her education and work.

How to Register for GMAT Exam?
To take the Computer-based GMAT Exam you must schedule an Appointment by using any of the following methods:
1) Make an appointment online, via the GMAC website.
2) Call the Test Center of your Choice directly. A Current Test-center list is available at the GMAC website.
3) Call a central registration number: 1-800-717-GMAT.
The GMAT MBA Exam is Conducted Around the world at different Test Centers. Around 1900 B-schools Accepted the GMAT score for their Admission. It's better if the candidate start preparing about 3-6 months before the GMAT exam.The different mode of preparation in GMAT Exam are self- study, preparation material course, group study.The parameters of judgement of GMAT Exam are one's knowledge about business, job skills,academic background and other specialization courses.
The Candidate May Register for the GMAT Either Online or through one of the test centers. To schedule a test, an appointment must be Made at one of the designated Test centers. study preparation aids are available, including self-study using GMAT books, classroom GMAT preparation courses in both live session and online study, or private tutoring. You may not take the GMAT more than once within 31 days, even if the scores are canceled.

GMAT Courses:

There are two main GMAT Courses :
(a) Online Course.
(b) Classroom course.
Online GMAT courses are perfect for those students who don't live where reputable classroom courses are offered or who don't have Time to go to classes. Online course are either self-study or are conducted through virtual classrooms.
GMAT classroom courses are expensive than Online Course and take more time, they provide in-depth Knowledge, Support. Many students Start with an online course and then go for a classroom course. For The Classroom Courses You can go for any reputed College.

GMAT Syllabus :

This Syllabus is For Online Courses Students
Lesson 1
Introduction to the GMAT
Introduction to the course
Your Online Student Center
Basic math skills (if Math Boot Camp available)
Computer Adaptive Testing (CAT) format
Access to free admissions tools and info
Test-taking strategy fundamentals
Math Introduction
Math Fundamentals
Plugging In I
Verbal Introduction
Grammar I

Lesson 2
Data Sufficiency
Algebra vs. Arithmetic
Sentence Correction I
Grammar II

Lesson 3
Plugging In II
Yes-No Data Sufficiency
Sentence Correction II
Percent Change
Test Smarts – Pacing and Test Strategies II
Computer Adaptive Practice GMAT 2 – Online Student Center

Lesson 4
Ratios, Averages, Stats and Rates
More Data Sufficiency
Test Smarts – Pacing and Test Strategies II
Standard Deviation
Critical Reasoning I: Understanding Arguments
Computer Adaptive Practice GMAT 3 – Online Student Center

Lesson 5
Roots and Exponents
Permutations & Combinations
More Yes-No Data Sufficiency
Test Smarts – Pacing and Test Strategies III
Factors and Factorials
Reading Comprehension
Computer Adaptive Practice GMAT 4 – Online Student Center

Lesson 6
Analysis of an Argument
Critical Reasoning II: Inferences/Paradoxes
Test Smarts – Pacing and Test Strategies IV
Computer Adaptive Practice GMAT 5 – Online Student Center

Lesson 7
Functions, Sequences, Groups
Harder Permutations & Combinations
Analysis of an Issue
Test Smarts – Pacing and Test Strategies V
Advanced Math
Harder Probability
Sentence Correction Revisited
Computer Adaptive Practice GMAT 6 – Online Student Center

Lesson 8
Complex Problems
Reading Comprehension Revisited
Arguments Revisited
Countdown to your test
Review & Summary

GMAT Dates :

The GMAT is given year round during working days. You can take the test at any Time.

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