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Interview Tips

Are you looking for a job? if, yes than you have to be well prepared for the job interview.

Our work is to provide you best interview tips which helps you to grab your dream job. If you follow these tips, than i am sure that you get your dream job, these tips are really helpful.
There are four most important tips that i want to share with you all.

1) Pre-Interview Advice :
The first thing is that your Resume or Curriculam vitae must be look professional. there are also some resume writers who write your resume.
Before you go for the interview you should have knowledge about the company or organisation, you should have the figures about organisation like.. company strength, company turnover, when the company was established etc.It gives the good impression of your attitude about the company to the interviewer.
The next thing is that, you should also have the clear idea about the role of you in the job specified. The skills and the qualification required for the specific job should be understood by the candidates. And before going for the interview candidates must do some mock interview with their friends or with family members.
You must reach 20 minutes earlier at the interview place.

2) Dress Code Of The Candidate :
The person should be formals i.e in pent and shirts of light color and also well shaved. The pent is of dark color and shirt is of light color is a good choice. In case of females, their dress code is suits and also pent shirt, you also make a moderate make up if you want.
Before going for the job interview the person should not have tobacco and the person should not chew gum while giving the interview. If you want to used perfume than you should be careful that the perfume must be in down tone.

3) During The Interview :
Before go into the job interview room, you have to take permission to get in. After entering into the room you can shake hand with the interviewer and at that time you should look into the eyes of interviewer not forget eye contacting with the interviewer during the interview.
Now, the interviewer put questions forward on you, if you don't know the answer than don't be panic or hesitate, be cool and positive. Maintain the eye contact with the interviewer while he/she talking with you.
The most important point is that , if interviewer put questions on your previous company or organisation than don't give the negative response regarding your company or about the employees of your previous company.
Now at the end make sure that to collect the references and be positive that the references provided is in your favor.

4) Proper Body Language :
At the time of entering into the interview room your back should be straight and while you sitting down on a chair, your shoulder should not be stooping this reflect the lack of confidence in you to the interviewer. So be in proper body language while entering and sitting and in whole interview process you should be in proper body language.

5) Be Honest :
Interviewer respects your honesty so, don't be over smart at the time of interview, be honest and don't give the answers which points that you lie.

Here we provide you the top 15 questions, which are most common during the interview. These questions helps you to do well during the interview. You have to practice for these questions by the mock test with your friends and relatives and obtain a good answer of each questions.
About 4-6 questions are comes from these. So practice them and gain a good result.
The questions are as follows :

1. How did you know about the interview?
2. Why you want to do job with this company?
3. Tell me your weakness and strengths.
4. What are your salary expectations?
5. What is your knowledge about this company?
6. What do you do in your spare time?
7. Why did you choose your college and study stream?
8. Give example of your creativity.
9. What is your dream job?
10. How do you handle rejection?
11. Tell us about your school project or your job project.
12. Describe your ideal career.
13. Why should we take you?
14. Are you willing to travel?
15. Are there any questions would you like to ask us?

By giving the good answer of these questions in the interview, you are going to be good for the job vacancy.

Commonly asked MBA interview questions :
1) Why you decide to apply for this management institute?
2) What are your expectation from MBA programme?
3) Where do you see yourself in the coming years?
4) How can you define team work?
5) What are your strength?
6) What are your weaknesses?
7) What are your hobbies?
8) About your previous academic background knowledge.
9) Your work experience
10)About your character and value, your definition of success.
11)Tell me something about yourself?
12)What have you done to improve your knowledge in the past year?
13)What is your aim in life?
14)Describe your carrier aspiration.
15)How would you describe to others in less than 5 words.
16)Why MBA and why now?
17)What are your long term goals?
18)What does failure mean to you?
19)What is your best achievement in life till now?
20)What is more important money or type of work?

Best Of Luck!

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