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Indian Navy Recruitment 2012

Indian Navy application is conducted on the base of All India Merit. The advertisement for this can be begin on all the capital bounded and civic newspapers and on the Employment News. The agency in the Indian Fleet is accessible for adolescent women and men with Indian citizenship. There are options for Technical, Education and Executive branches for them. The two modes of admission in the Indian Fleet are UPSC access and non UPOSC entry. Accounting tests and interviews are a allotment of the action in selecting cadets for the Indian Navy. Every year the Fleet recruits staff, with the antecedent training actuality done at INS Chilka, Dist-Khurda in Orissa. The called candidates are again beatific to added argosy establishments for added training.

Non UPSC Entries :
The non UPSC entries accommodate both the abiding agency and the abbreviate account commission. The abbreviate account agency allows the called candidates to serve the Indian Fleet for 10 years and it can be continued for addition 4 years. The non UPSC candidates do not accept to sit for a accounting exam. They are abbreviate listed on the base of their marks in their condoning educational exams like 10+2, column alum or graduate. The abbreviate listed candidates accept to arise for an account with the SSB. The arete account of able candidates is fabricated to ample the absolute vacancies.

UPSC Entries :
The candidates for UPSC entries accept to sit for a aggressive assay alert a year to be called to the Argosy Academy. These entries are for Abiding Commission, the UPSC carries out a accounting exam, followed by an account by the Account Alternative Board. The after-effects of the acknowledged candidates are forwarded by UPSC to adapt a final arete list. The medically fit candidates from the arete account are again appointed by ADG (Rtg) / IHQ of MoD (Navy).

Interview and Selection:
The SSB alternative action is agitated out in a time anatomy of 5 canicule or stages. The candidates accept to arise for this account with the all-important abstracts and added things, as ordered by them. The aboriginal date includes Officer Intelligence Rating Test, Picture Perception and Description Test and Altercation of the Picture in 30 minutes. The additional date consists of Thematic Apperception Test, Word Association Test, Situation Reaction Test and Self Description. The third date comprises of accumulation discussion. The fourth date alternative action includes Individual Obstacles, Command Task and Accumulation Task. Finally, on the fourth day the after-effects are announced, afterward a closing accent by the President of the Board. The called candidates accept to arise for a medical assay from any Account Hospitals abreast their assay center.

Training and Antecedent Engagement:
The training for all the courses accommodate 9 weeks of Basic Training from INS Chilka. This is followed by 4 weeks of sea training and 80 weeks of abstruse training. After auspiciously com-mutual the training, the sailor is accustomed to serve the Indian Nave. The account eon can be continued to 57 years of age, which additionally depends on the rank acquired and the acceptable achievement by the sailor during the service. The Indian Fleet Application is about agate to the application action of the Air Force and the Indian Army.

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