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AFMC MBBS Exam Online Application Form - 2012

AFMC MBBS Exam Online Application Form - 2012
AFMC, Pune unequivocally issued the warning observing the provision frame for the Entrance Examination and for induction into the MBBS degree course beginning from 1st August, 2012. Add up to 130 competitors will be chosen from the doorway displayed.

Some Important truths for AFMC MBBS Entrance Form 2012 :-
The final date for downloading and tameness of requisition ONLINE could be 05 March 2012. From for the present year onwards there will be no deal of info Prospectus and requisition structures at Post Offices. Appointees are exhorted NOT to send any Demand drafts /Bank drafts/ Postal requests to AFMC. Moreover in within the web based world accommodation case you don’t should send anything to AFMC, Pune.

Guideline to Apply for AFMC Entrance Exam 2012 :-
Data outline and provision shape could be ready within the web based world just. Found will transferred the pamphlet and Guidelines of provision from 6th February, 2012 at the official post ( of it. 
Candidates are asked for to check the data booklet for additional portions.

To make the irrevocable accommodation of the shape the petitioner will need to transfer his/her computerized photo and signature mark.

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