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ECIL Recruitment 2012

ECIL appointment section may contain 7 to 8 associates. Unfortunately we may get even DGM cadre folks also in section. They may take appointment for 30mins to 40mins. Interview is of genuine specialized.
Before returning into into the appointment, hopeful is recommended to go through record of ECIL. About their significant tasks. Eg.,

1. They developed 32meter aerial in Bangalore which is Greatest in Indian for Chandrayan.
2. For Gentle Battle Planes, TEJAS they developed Leveling device.
3. Finish Protection program for Typical Huge selection Game titles managed by ECIL
4. Automated Voting Models (EVM)
5. Almost all Atomic plant's management panels
6. Protection techniques for all Administration., Organizations
7. Sub-systems for all most all Support relevant like LAKSHYA jet, BRAHMOS, AKASH etc.,
This details is essential when they ask "Why do you want to come to ECIL specifically". Response for this may be like, ECIL is creating Indigenousness technological innovation which is central source for technological innovation, and from job perspective, its a analysis focused job. This answer may be very ideal for operating folks.
Working folks may be requested about their perform detailed, if they perform in Hardware/Electronics relevant. Guys with operating exp of Application may not get inquiries much about their perform. Working exp of Microwave will definitely bring to applicants. They should be of-course ready for Microwave relevant questions
Coming to specialized area, according to our Ashok,
They will ask first from Wavelengths. Group of frequencies in Emails like L-band, C-band, S-band like that. They may ask about what is the variety of R / c frequencies/Audio frequencies etc.,
Next stage will go to Business Amps, then Control Systems the Micro-processors.
Questions may be predicted from what is Range regulation? or What is Fill regulation? or What is Zener decrease down? What is Unipolar and what is Bipolar? Cut off frequencies of BJT/FET? Benefits of using FET with great frequencies? etc.,
Electrical Guys along with past subjects may anticipate more concerns from Energy Gadgets and Pushes.
Instrumentation folks can anticipate concerns from Transducers like how to evaluate temporary., etc.,
Freshers should go through throughly about their venture. They may ask you to describe about the venture with dark-colored panel also. If they really did the venture (sorry to say this... as provide day tasks are like that....) they can have their venture review with them to section. Else donot have but describe in your own terms.
For Electric powered and Instrumentation folks, we may have to provide reverse invasion few periods if they ask more about communications. We can say that communications is not element of our curricula.
For all recommendation is, If you really know then only tell them you know. Eg., everybody know MATLAB. But if you are not assured enough don't tell them that you are assured in that.
Hope its useful.

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